There have also been lovers who are not so distant.
Since polyamory is focused on relationships rather than sex, poly lovers for many people are a part of the family in some way, regardless of address.
My husband became involved with M and shortly after I became involved as well, we were a triad.
When Ben visits he sleeps in the guest room and at times I sleep with him fanget bukser ned real sex video and at times with Jesus.Bens son and my daughter are close in age and have hung out at events I run.M and her kids would come over once a week, usually on Friday.He had not seen my son since he was online sex spil gratis spil a baby and it was fun.For me it beats the hell out of the loneliness I felt the last years I spent at home with my mom, sister and step dad in our seemingly normal nuclear family.I did not recognize my non-monogamous nature until I was twenty four and a single mom of a one year old boy.I am involved with Ben whom I met at Loving More in 2003 and still with E though I have not seen him in many years.I explained D was coming to visit and that his dad and I had an open relationship.My daughter, who was five, thought he was wonderful.Like many monogamous couples my husband and I divorced in 2007 as we had both changed and wanted different things.I consider Ben and his family as part of my extended family.
What I remember was the feeling of community and extended family.When I returned I would cook breakfast for everyone or go back to bed and snuggle with M and my hubby.There are poly families that come in triad form with kids but they are a minority in the world of self identified polyamory people and they are not usually under 30 real gamle sex-rør and model gorgeous.Given a choice I would have loved to have made love to E on that trip but I wanted E to know my kids and for them to know him so I made the choice to include them and not to have sex on the.My kids have always been aware that I have intimate relationships and it is not strange at all to them.My children have been raised with awareness of my poly life and within the polyamory community.E and I enjoyed the trip very much and in the end holding each other was enough.