But I prefer defencemen who can defend and make good decisions and transition the puck.
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They were serving 150 miles-per-hour and the ball was back and forth.But he is an elite defenceman who has elevated his overall game, if not his offence, and re-established himself as a Canuck cornerstone.But when you win, its fun to come to the rink and theres a good atmosphere.You can go weeks without hearing either one speak, but they communicate on the ice and have become one of the better shutdown pairings in the NHL.The Nashville Predators have five.Totally, 100 per cent, president of hockey operations Trevor Linden says.And Edler would do this by saying something snappy like: OK, guys, its time to go on the ice.I knew the type of person and character he is and I think I know, for lack of a better term, what makes him tick, Linden says of Edler.
Edler acknowledges that the outspoken support of management, and an improved atmosphere around the team, has helped him significantly this season.
You see the battle at the end of the game (on Tuesday against Winnipeg) between him and Blake Wheeler in the corner?Stopping a goal is just as important as scoring one.Využíváním našich služeb s jejich používáním souhlasíte.He has been real good for us, but he found his own way.I know the fire burns (inside him) and I know how committed he is and that last year bothered him.I know what kind of player I can be and what kind of team we can.The defenceman who made it to the Canucks from the semi-pro Swedish third division in 2 years, who averaged 21:20 as an NHL rookie in 2007-08 and posted 37 points in his second full season, is probably never going to achieve the projected stardom imposed.Alex is a cornerstone of this franchise.Znouzectnost, oblíbené kapely: 667, přátelé: 55, statistika profilu.Lidster, the former defenceman who runs the Vancouver blue-line, says Edler is not a player who needs to be pushed, which is the mistake Tortorella made last season.

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They played five sets and (you) couldnt really tell the difference between the two.
Going through a tough time like that, I think you learn a lot.